Student Athletes Against Sexual Harassment And Assault
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A cultural change from a few athletes propagates to their entire team. A cultural change from a single athletic team propagates to the entire athletic community. A cultural change in the athletic community propagates to the rest of the student body, and then the university community as a whole, and then out to the world.

This is the fundamental idea behind SAASHA. As leaders on campus, student-athletes are in a position of power to drive social and cultural change. If we, as student-athletes, declare sexual harassment and assault of all forms as wholly unacceptable, we can drive real change in our communities, our universities, and the world.

We are an organization dedicated to ending sexual assault and harassment in and out of collegiate athletics.

We are SAASHA.


Katelyn Costanza

Class of 2019

Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology

Vancouver, Washington, USA

SAASHA means the belief that everyone has the right to life free from sexual violence and that student athletes are taking the initiative to educate ourselves as well as young student athletes in our community.


Madison Molitor

Class of 2019


Moses Lake, Washington, USA

SAASHA is an initiative to create a change in the culture surrounding sexual violence


Rachel McGlothlen

Class of 2020


Spokane, Washington, USA

SAASHA provides a safe space for student athletes to discuss healthy relationships with their peers and youth, while taking charge to eliminate emotional and sexual violence through education and our voice.


Maddy Cope

Class of 2021


Olympia, Washington, USA

SAASHA is an opportunity for student-athletes to take the initiative to raise awareness of sexual assault and use their voices to spread the conversation beyond their niche.


Kylie Jones

Class of 2022

Pre Sciences

San Diego, California, USA

SAASHA is a way to take initiative and lead change in the way we talk about sexual violence


Max Rennie

Class of 2019

Deniliquin, NSW, Australia

Environmental Studies

SAASHA is an opportunity to create safer and healthier relationships on college campuses


Meg Rutherford

Class of 2020

Early Childhood & Family Studies // Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies Minor // Disability Studies Minor

Seattle, Washington, USA

SAASHA represents the opportunity to activate change within our community and gives us a platform to reach out and educate younger community members about prevention and safety


Marley Avritt

Class of 2020

LSJ (Law, Societies, & Justice) // Political Science

Newport Beach, California, USA

SAASHA is the ability to start a very important conversation on college campuses, especially among athletes


Dustin Mara

Class of 2022

Pre Design // French Sociolingustics & Translation Minor

Mukilteo, Washington, USA

SAASHA is a step to increase the visibility of sexual misconduct on college campus and hopefully a step toward erasing it completely.


Alex Dumitriu Carcoana

Class of 2022


Fargo, North Dakota, USA

SAASHA is about educating the next generation of leaders about healthy relationships. To me, it also represents the potential of strong student leadership and perseverance.